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Helping people live life with purpose while planning for their financial security and legacy.

Working With Us

At Dunn Perrault & Associates, we are stewards of our clients’ financial lives. We listen, meet you where you are in your financial planning journey, and help to design a personalized plan that’s unique to your goals and vision. Watch the video to learn more about our planning process, and click on "Meet Our Team" to find out more about us.


Investment Strategies

Your goal to achieve financial security will undoubtedly include investing for your future.

We can offer you the expertise you need to ensure your investment strategy is aligned with your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Northwestern Mutual offers investment advisory services, private client services and trust services. Within these levels of service, we may recommend that your portfolio include one or more of the following investment tools.

  • Signature Choice is an investment advisory program that allows your wealth management advisor to provide advice concerning asset allocation, security selection and rebalancing. Your advisor can utilize a wide range of securities, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual equity and fixed income investments, to help implement your investment strategy.
  • Signature Managed Accounts is an investment advisory program that utilizes third-party asset management and portfolio manager selection to assist in providing you with a comprehensive investment solution.
  • Signature Retirement is an investment advisory program and integral part of the Northwestern Mutual Retirement Strategy planning process. It is designed to manage your assets and income streams in accordance with your overall retirement plan to provide a balanced and reliable source of income throughout your lifetime.
  • Signature Portfolios is an investment advisory program that utilizes select mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds to construct well-diversified portfolios for your needs.
  • Signature Annuities is an investment advisory solution that utilizes investment options available within the NM SelectTM Variable Annuity to construct comprehensive, well-diversified investment portfolios for your needs.
  • Private Client Services (PCS) is a fully discretionary, flexible portfolio management solution for high-net-worth individuals that uses a combination of individual securities and other investment vehicles to manage client assets. The wealth management advisor serves as the investment advisor and relationship manager, while Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company’s PCS investment team provides the investment management.
  • Trust Services: Whether the goal is estate tax exclusion, spendthrift protection or multi-generation investment management, Northwestern Mutual can serve as professional trustee for a variety of trusts.

We also are able to offer you the following products and services through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS):

  • Bonds
  • Cash management services
  • CDs
  • Money market funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Stocks
  • Treasury bills
  • UITs

Trust Services

Trusts help you ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes and pass to your beneficiaries intact. As part of a tax strategy, trusts can also be used to help you keep more of the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Northwestern Mutual can serve as trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee in a wide range of situations, providing services to help you:

  • Manage, supervise and provide regular reports of investments and their performance.
  • Preserve family harmony when carrying out your intentions.
  • Ensure continuity of stewardship that can endure for generations.

Our trust services cover a range of trust types, including:

  • Revocable Living Trusts

    A revocable trust allows for the professional management of your assets during your lifetime and following your death. This type of trust often permits your assets to be managed without the need for a court-ordered guardianship if you become incapacitated, and it allows your assets to pass to beneficiaries outside the potentially costly and time-consuming probate process after your death.

  • Irrevocable Trusts

    An irrevocable trust allows for the professional management of your assets and allows you to make gifts to the trust – free of gift tax, up to certain limits – so that assets can grow and pass to your beneficiaries without being diminished by estate taxes.

  • Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts

    These irrevocable trusts are designed to provide income to beneficiaries and to charitable organizations, often at a lower tax cost than gifts made outside these trusts

  • Generation-Skipping Trusts

    These are irrevocable trusts that endure for multiple generations, so that assets can be managed for and distributed to grandchildren and generations beyond. This strategy frequently avoids estate and gift taxes that would apply if assets were transferred outright to each generation.

  • Marital and Credit Shelter Trusts

    These trusts take advantage of state and federal estate tax exemptions so that property can pass to a surviving spouse and other beneficiaries while minimizing the impact of estate taxes.

By choosing Northwestern Mutual as your trustee, you’ll benefit from objective trust administration and expert investment management that can provide financial growth and security for your family.

Risk Management Solutions

When your financial plan includes wealth protection and risk management, you'll be helping to ensure your family - and your vision for the future - is secure.

I'll work with you to develop strategies to:

Provide for your family in the event of death. Life insurance policies can be designed with different needs in mind. They can provide temporary protection, cash accumulation or may be utilized as part of an estate plan. Through my association with Northwestern Mutual, I have access to Northwestern Mutual's high-quality, competitively priced life insurance products, including permanent, term, combination and variable policies.

Provide for you and your family in the event of a disability. Disability income insurance helps to protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income. But what if the unexpected happened and you suddenly weren’t able to earn a living because of illness or injury? Not only would you have the stress of meeting everyday living expenses, but you might also have to put other goals, like saving for a child's college or for retirement, on hold.

Provide for long-term care. Long-term Care events can have a significant impact on your financial security. Planning for long-term care events can help provide options on how to fund and receive care, should you need it.

Employee Benefits

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners today is the need to recruit, retain and reward talented employees.

We can help you design a quality, affordable benefit plan that may include features such as:

  • Group health insurance.
  • Group life insurance.
  • Group disability income insurance.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Vision insurance.
  • Flexible spending accounts.
  • Qualified retirement plans such as SEP IRA or 401(k) plans.

Retirement Plannng

Now more than ever, planning for your retirement is critical. Gone are the days when pensions and Social Security provided all the income you needed for retirement. The new reality is that you are responsible for managing your own retirement, and that starts with making sure you’re strategic in your planning.

We can help. At Northwestern Mutual, our approach to retirement planning is designed to help you get to—and through—retirement with a greater level of financial confidence, so you can relax knowing you have a road map to achieve your goals.

You'll want to start by considering how much to save for retirement and where to save it. By accumulating as much as you can as soon as you can, you can put time on your side—time to plan, time to weather the ups and downs of the market and time to let your money grow.

And then, as you zero in on retirement, you'll need a different set of strategies to manage risk and make your money last through retirement.

Business Planning

Whether you’re thinking about launching a new business or planning to expand an existing one, we can help you create, grow and protect your business’s value.

We’ll work with you to develop a personalized financial plan with solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business, with strategies to:

  • Integrate all aspects of financial planning for your business and your personal life to ensure success on both fronts.
  • Minimize risk by being prepared for the unexpected.
  • Safeguard your business with coverage to help offset the loss of cash flow if you become sick or hurt.
  • Recruit and retain employees with competitive benefits programs.
  • Enhance your benefits programs to reward employees who are key to the success of your business.
  • Transition your business smoothly with a properly designed and funded business succession plan.

Our Team

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Kelly Banet
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Kirsten Camp
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Laura Penney
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Nadine Goering
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Heather Abney

NMWMC Support Teams

Private Client Services Team

Northwestern Mutual Private Client Services Team

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Advisory Investment Team

Northwestern Mutual investment advisory Team

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Trust Services Team

Northwestern Mutual trust Services Team

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Mark Perrault is a Wealth Management Advisor and co-founder of Dunn Perrault & Associates and focuses on business development, client relationships and spearheads philanthropic outreach.

When advising clients, Mark is known for his positive, optimistic and realistic perspective to help clients with comprehensive long-term planning through their life and wealth stages.

He also serves as a Northwestern Mutual Growth Development Director, helping new advisors grow their business, along with being a member of the Colorado Springs District Office’s leadership team.

Originally from Southern California, he graduated from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business in 2005 and earned his MBA from Gonzaga University while serving in the United States Air Force. Mark is a Certified Financial Planner, FINRA registered and holds Series 6, 7, 63 and 66 licenses and Certified Long-Term Care certification. Mark was named as the inaugural 2017 Millennial Advisor national award by The American College of Financial Services, which recognized five top performing financial advisors under the age of 35. He has also been featured as a contributor to the Colorado Springs Business Journal .

Mark and his wife Lauren have three children, Carter, Addison and Olivia and make their home in central Colorado Springs. They are founding members of Colorado Springs-based Couple Who Care organization, a platform for Colorado Springs citizens to combine efforts for a larger impact on local causes and needs of the community. Mark currently serves on the board of the Discover Goodwill Foundation and Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado. Outside of the office he enjoys fly fishing, hiking and golf.

Charlie Dunn is a Wealth Management Advisor and co-founder of Dunn Perrault & Associates.

Charlie works with clients to develop comprehensive financial strategies, focusing on distribution planning, disciplined investment strategies, and long-term tax mitigation. He also manages portfolio development and the implementation of our clients’ investment policy statements. Charlie leads the firm with its planning and investment strategies and marketing initiatives.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications and Business Administration from Illinois State University in 2002. Charlie is FINRA registered and holds a Series 7 and 66 licenses. Charlie is a contributor to the Colorado Springs Business Journal and the Springs Magazine . He was named to the 2017 Rising Stars by the Colorado Springs Business Journal .

Kelly Banet is the Chief Operating Officer at Dunn Perrault & Associates and oversees the strategic management of the firm and is responsible for driving growth and the client experience. Kelly also leads the construction of the firm’s financial planning analysis.

Prior to joining Dunn Perrault & Associates, Kelly enjoyed a successful career in development – most recently at the United States Olympic Committee.

Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College in International Policy Economy and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children along with traveling, skiing and playing tennis.

Kirsten Camp is an Associate Wealth Management Advisor for Dunn Perrault & Associates. She is responsible for client’s portfolio planning and implementation, and asset allocation and analysis.

Kirsten’s industry experience includes working as a Client Relationship Associate for R.W. Baird in Denver, Colorado, providing support on investment management, financial planning, college savings, life insurance, and estate planning.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and International Business within the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. She is FINRA registered and holds a Series 7 and 66 licenses. Kirsten has also earned the AAMS® designation through The College for Financial Planning.

She enjoys exploring the Colorado mountains and traveling to new and interesting destinations.

Laura Penney is the Director of Insurance Services and manages the firm’s client servicing on insurance including the application and underwriting process.

Prior to joining Dunn Perrault & Associates, Laura worked as a Banking Secrecy Act/Anti-money Laundering Analyst for a local Colorado Springs bank, where she started out as a personal banker.

Laura graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Economics and Finance from Middle Tennessee State University. Laura is an active learner and enjoys working with clients and being a resource to solve challenges.

In her spare time, Laura can be found running on the trails around Colorado Springs.

Nadine Goering is the Executive Assistant at Dunn Perrault & Associates and assists with the team scheduling, event planning, office operation, communications and client stewardship.

Before joining Dunn Perrault & Associates, Nadine dedicated herself to supporting her husband and raising their four daughters – to include many hours volunteering in her daughter’s schools and classrooms. She was born and raised in South Africa and loves photography, running and being outdoors.

Heather Abney is the Client Relations Manager at Dunn Perrault & Associates and serves as the liaison between Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company and client services. She manages the daily operations and systems of the firm.

Prior to joining Dunn Perrault & Associates, Heather worked as a Career Assistance Advisor in the United States Air Force, in which she served 24 years. She instructed numerous classes on professional development and worked closely with wing leadership on retention issues along with morale and welfare for the base.

Heather earned her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Human Resources from Colorado Christian University.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends exploring the Colorado Rockies while camping, jeeping and skiing.

Client Stories

To learn more about Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC and its financial representatives, visit: FINRA BrokerCheck


At Dunn Perrault & Associates, we strongly believe in giving back to our community and organizations that our team is passionate about. Our goal is simple: to improve lives and make a lasting impact on our local communities. We do it in several ways.

Dunn Perrault & Associates is pleased to support the following:

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To learn more about Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC and its financial representatives, visit: FINRA BrokerCheck

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